Swiftly slide through gushing waters, with electrifying lifts that will soar you up in the air before plunging you into the pool with a final splashdown.

Rock back and forth with every sway that will hoist you up in the air for moments before it swings forth.

The super chic and fun Windigo slide will bring your family endless fun that lets you race against each other ending in a headfirst dive with a splash for a thrilling, exciting and memorable experience.

A ride of thrills and chills. Travel at the speed of the gushing waters at 101m long slide.

The beat-drop amongst all the rides. Space boat takes you plummeting through a 92m high tower, head first into a giant water bowl.

High on adventure, Turbulence slide takes you on a long winding tube of open and closed segments.

The Shark House has been designed to be an anchor point of attraction within the waterpark.

This is the ultimate family raft ride that takes you through a series of curves of an open air tube.

Dive towards earth as gravity pulls you down through steep, hair-rising tunnel vertical slides plunging in a free fall manner into the splashdown pool.

Soar through at exhilarating speed through a darkened tunnel of 126 m into a massive water bowl while going through heart-stopping drops and anticipating dips before you plummet down through the tunnel again.

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