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Adult slides

Adult slides

Put your rafting skills to a test with our wide Rafting slide. The slide will take you through a long winding journey that will keep you guessing the destination with anticipation.

What’s more fun than your Bumpy work week? Our Bumpy uphill slide. Swoosh through the long slide at exhilarating speed.

This one is for the adrenaline junkie in you. Free-fall your way through our steepest slide in the park of 95m.

The perfect mix of high-dips and low-drops that will take your heart on a roller coaster journey.

Ride through heart-pumping twists and turns with the extra dramatic lighting of the dark tunnels before plunging head-long into complete darkness.

Space hole stays true to its name taking you through low dips and quick, sharp turns through enclosed tubes keeping you in anticipation of the destination.

Grab a tube to experience this lively slide which takes you through a 45 degree water slide.

Cool off your worries and enjoy like a child on the Tsunami Slide. Every wave is bound to sweep the world from under your feet and the worries from your mind.

Swiftly slide through gushing waters, with electrifying lifts that will soar you up in the air before plunging you into the pool with a final splashdown.

Rock back and forth with every sway that will hoist you up in the air for moments before it swings forth.

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